FounderMr. Mai Hsin‐Fu
The blossom of Taiwan’s economy from 1967, Mr. Mai Hsin-Fu, a native of Dayuan Township of Taoyuan County, founded “Hsin Tung Yang”, and opened his first store on Wuchang St. in Taipei, mainly selling「make-to-order」shredded pork, and scrumptious Cantonese barbecue.
As sales thrived, Mr. Mai opened up new stores and launched new products, such as beef/pork jerky, Chinese style sausages, and canned food products. In pursuit of making the most delicious products, Hsin Tung Yang (“we”) insists on using the best ingredients and continuously improving the manufacturing process.
As the sales of our products increased rapidly, our brand rides on rising popularity. This early success paved the path for Hsin Tung Yang to become the “Empire of Processed Meat”. Today, we operate from screening the raw materials, manufacturing, and quality management, and also have built up completed sale system, including wholesaling, retailing, and retail chained network.
"Integrity." in 1967, Hsin Tung Yang has always held true to our belief in integrity, which is the basis of our commitment to consumers, shareholders, employees, partners, and the society.
"Creativity."We provide value-added products and services to customers with an innovative mindset and accelerate our creativity through technology and data to maintain our leadership position in the market.
"Agility."Faced with significant changes in business operating models and consumer habits caused by drastic changes in the global environment, companies need to think ahead and to maintain an agile and proactive competitive edge.
"Sustainability."Hsin Tung Yang has established a Green Factory and promotes circular economy to provide alternatives that are more friendly to the environment. We are also committed to social welfare and are taking action toward sustainable developments for the environment, the human race, and the society.
Hsin Tung Yang
Brings tastes to your Life:Taste of Gourmet, Taste of Class, and Taste of Love
"Taste of Gourmet." In the pursuit of tasty foods, Hsin Tung Yang continues to innovate using traditional flavors. We continue to pass on unique Chinese food culture and to touch the hearts and souls of our consumers through tasty products.

"Taste of Class." In present days, people look beyond quality in food, and continue to pursue for an exquisite taste and lifestyle in what they eat.Hsin Tung Yang has never wavered in our pursuit for well-executed taste in life.

"Taste of Love." Gift-giving creates a bond between the giver and the receiver. For the average conservative Chinese person who may shy away from expressing his/her emotions out loud, gift-giving is a way of conveying unspoken appreciation.
Where There is Chinese,There Shall Be
Hsin Tung Yang
Hsin Tung Yang has promoted exquisite Chinese delicacy for over five decades. We achieve to look for excellence and improve ceaselessly in every aspects to build up the brand and become a global company. From constructing round domestic sales channels to lunch branches overseas, we aim to fulfill our vision by “Offering our products to serve every Chinese Community worldwide.”